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Our mission

Transparent, reliable deal making and management anywhere in East Asia on the best terms available, choosing from a full range of services.

Social responsibility

We are constantly working for the sustainable, coordinated development of our environment.

Who we are

Éles Csaba

Owner/Managing Director

Vereb János


Névtelen terv (4)

Hauerné Farkasdi Andrea

Financial associate

Kürtösi Boglárka

Group Leader

Ormai-Tóth Andrea

Logistics Manager

Darányi Márta

Keyaccount manager


Szitányi Noémi

Keyaccount manager


Darabos Márta Ágnes

Keyaccount manager

Géci Nóra

Import manager


Farkas Ádám

Import manager

Core values

We believe in the power of community regardless of culture or profit

We work for long-term, solid partnerships built on trust

We are building a knowledge-based, continuously developing organisation

Customer reviews

CUSTOMIZED GIFTS Dániel Daróczi, egyedi-faliora.hu

It was the best decision to start sourcing directly from China through Trend-Store instead of domestic wholesalers. Not only did the problems that often occurred before due to the lack of goods disappear, but we also managed to save quite a lot on the purchase prices. All this while taking the burden of the entire administration (from requesting quotations to delivery) and the associated risk off my shoulders. I had no idea that importing from China could be so easy!

ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD Zoltán Tóth, eSkateBoard.eu, iSmartEye.eu

I came in contact with TREND STORE Kft. as a small company trying out its wings. Already during the first phone call I got a lot of useful information from them. Their colleagues were well prepared and quickly adapted to my expectations. Their approach to import matters is very competent and professional.

PURCHASING FITNESS EQUIPMENT Zsolt Ponyeczki, MedicalFitLine Kft.

I found Trend Store Kft as a result of searching the web. From my very first phone enquiry I found them to be extremely helpful, and this has been the case throughout our subsequent cooperation. The years since have confirmed to the utmost that we made the right decision in choosing them as our partner.


We approached Trend Store Kft in total ignorance to help us order our products from China and also to ship them. They were the ones who contacted the Chinese sellers, so in fact after a few email exchanges and phone calls, the goods we ordered were on their way. All went well with our first order, we are now awaiting our next shipment.

FRUIT PROCESSING MACHINE Levente, Kutyori-Konyha Kft

Dear Martha, We managed to take delivery of the machine, we have tried it out and so far it is what we expected. (It worked fine, but it is too early to say, obviously we need 1-2 months of use.) We are very satisfied with you, everything was exactly as we agreed on the first time, both in terms of price and time. We will probably want to buy more from China after this, and of course we will count on you.


I asked for help in getting samples of products manufactured in China to Hungary. János was very helpful and did his best to ensure that the samples arrived as soon as possible. Thank you again for your cooperation!

BAKING MOULDS URGENTLY Viktória Biró, R-V Webshop Kft

We had to get some baking moulds from China on very short notice. All other companies said it was impossible. They were not looking for an excuse, they were looking for a solution. They arranged everything professionally. They kept me informed all along about where the shipment was. They also arranged air transport. They took care of customs. Most importantly, the goods arrived safely before the promised deadline. Very decent company! I had no doubt for a moment that everything would go smoothly. I highly recommend them to everyone!

SANITARY PRODUCTS Zoltán Dudás, Alföldi Szivattyú Gyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft.

We have had a very good relationship with Trend Store Kft. for a long time. They locate and source foreign products for us. Our purchases are always fulfilled exactly as agreed. They are a reliable and decent partner. We recommend them to everyone wholeheartedly!

PHONE BATTERY CHARGER VENDING MACHINES Zoltán Herendi-Szabó, http://www.chargeherenow.info/hu/

Thank you for the accurate and fair import handling. I will recommend you to anyone importing from China in the future and will continue to look forward to using your services.

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