Purchasing suggestions

Purchasing suggestions

Rising commodity prices are a worldwide trend, and China is no exception. What gives them a competitive advantage is the low cost of production. Therefore, it makes most sense to import finished products from China that would otherwise have high production costs in Europe.

For the benefit of our customers, we consider it important to keep abreast of economic and political changes and to identify opportunities to support our partners’ development, for instance, in the form of purchasing suggestions.

Current trends

Heat pump

The market growth of heat pumps in recent years is undeniable, and the threat of a drastic rise in energy costs is expected to further increase demand for the product.

Solar panels, energy storage

Environmental considerations have become increasingly important in recent decades. As a consequence, renewable energy systems are gaining ground in both the industrial and residential sectors. The energy crisis is further reinforcing this trend. And although public subsidies in this sector have recently been curbed, the demand for energy storage and islanding systems is expected to remain buoyant.


Due to the dramatic rise in energy prices, European fertiliser production has fallen sharply. The resulting shortfall in stocks is likely to have to be replaced by imports. China has not been affected by the energy crisis, therefore production there has been steady, making Chinese imports a likely solution to the fertiliser demand in European agriculture.

Machinery, production lines

The machinery manufacturing sector in both Hungary and Europe in general is shrinking as production becomes less competitive due to the high cost of European labour (unlike in China). Machinery, production lines, production equipment, working machines and agricultural machinery are typically products whose production costs are lower in China, making imports potentially more profitable than European sourcing.

Electric mobility

E-bikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds... electric mobility is undergoing a global breakthrough. One reason is undoubtedly the growing environmental awareness, but there is another important advantage. As they are cheaper than a car to maintain and help avoid traffic jams and even lengthy parking place hunting, they save not only money but also time.

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