Planning, preliminary risk identification, manufacturer/product search, purchasing

The key to the success of an import transaction is careful planning, assessing and minimising risks, and finding the right product and manufacturer. The larger the order volume, the more important it is to prepare properly.

Full planning, preliminary risk identification

Importing from the Far East can present very different situations from company to company and product to product. Already prior to importing, it is worthwhile to think through a number of issues ranging from the VPID number, to the direct or indirect customs representation (which has a significant impact on e.g. the payment of import VAT) or the compliance with EU standards required for imports, which are also checked upon entry into the EU.

More recently, the electronic system of customs has started to set up so-called risk profiles. On this basis, either the company or the product may attract increased customs controls, including mandatory customs inspection. Importers may be in for unexpected surprises if they are not prepared for them. For this reason, we recommend a preliminary screening before starting the import process, in order to find out in time whether the company and the product to be imported meet the necessary requirements.

This is a complex issue and each transaction requires individual planning. During the preparation phase, we make our clients aware of the rules that they must follow in order to reduce the risk of the goods being detained by customs.

Product tracing, manufacturer verification

We are represented in several provinces in China and, thanks to our many years of work, we have established contacts with a number of reliable manufacturers. Experienced colleagues are available in Budapest to find the product you need. All product searches start with a photo and the completion of a full data request form covering material and quality criteria. Our colleagues will contact potential manufacturers within a short time and collect the best offers available.

In addition to product research, we also place great emphasis on checking the reliability of the manufacturers chosen by our clients. Thanks to our native Chinese-speaking colleagues, who are familiar with local conditions and rules, we can offer a variety of ways of verification:

Manufacturers can be verified administratively through local business registration systems or through data obtained from local authorities.

On request, our Chinese colleagues can carry out a personal factory visit, documented with photos and videos.

In the case of major orders, the verification can be carried out by an independent certification body.

Financial execution, organisation of production

In addition to checking the reliability of manufacturers, we also offer solutions to reduce financial risks. Transfering funds directly to an unknown Chinese manufacturer can be risky. To protect our customers from unpleasant surprises, we offer them the possibility to make their manufacturer payments through our Chinese partner office. This way, they can be sure that their money will arrive in a secure bank account and that our staff in the field will carry out the necessary checks before transferring it to the factory.

Once the product and manufacturer have been selected, we will assist you with the entire manufacturing/procurement process. According to the customer’s requirements, we will coordinate the details with the manufacturer (e.g., custom packaging, logos, instructions for use). We will ensure that the product and its packaging comply with shipping and customs requirements. Throughout the purchasing process, we are in contact with the customer and the Chinese manufacturer, informing our customers about the progress of the order, what to do and when to expect the product.

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